Vvzela Kook 曲倩雯

Vvzela Kook, Gods and Pilgrims, 2019

Vvzela Kook is a new media artist who mainly works in audiovisual mediums, including performance, theatre, generative video and drawing. Her audiovisual works combine media with performance; they explore the possibility of coexistence between contemporary performance types, like dance or choreography, and computer-generated new media.

Kook’s video works combine technology with her artistic practice to reproduce and convert urban cityscapes into an integrated virtual experience, guiding the audience on a cybernetic journey. The condensed textures in her works connect with multiple sensual levels in our perception and reintroduce the unexplored potential of video as a medium.

—in Vvzela Kook webpage (read more)

Vvzela Kook, Gods and Pilgrims, 2019

…she’s fascinated by the cosmos, the notion of parallel universes – her business card takes the form of a spacecraft – and she’s created a vision of the future, a dystopian universe that involves espionage robots and super-soldiers duking it out under the auspices of the Third Polar Cosmo-Corporation’s Supreme Headquarters.

She’s keen to share another idea she’s working on. “I imagine an army which consists of artificial intelligence and meanwhile build up another army that consists of pure blood humans, cyborgs, and scientists to fight against the artificial intelligence.” Is she for or against humanity on the whole? “So, I don’t think that’s utopian, it’s more dystopian.”

—in “New Media Artist Vvzela Kook Sounds off on Hong Kong, Sci-Fi and Dal”, by legend , January 3, 2017 (read more)