The New Art Fest

Os Espacialistas in the Labyrinth, 2019.
Spatialist exercises in the exhibition space designed by Aires Mateus for the exhibition “Industry, Arts and Fonts-250 years of Imprensa Nacional”, @Picadeiro @MUHNAC

TNAF ’20_’21

July 2020—September, 2021

Due to COVID19, this year’s edition will run almost entirely online.

Curator’s foreword

Welcome to the 4th edition of The New Art Fest — where art meets technology

This edition will have a special focus on China’s post-contemporary art.

We will present artworks from Chinese artists born after 1980. The majority of these artists come from four crucial artistic environments in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong.

GenY deals substantially with information, cognitive issues at large, and technology. Interdisciplinary projects related to urgent matters like climate change, ecology, or big data are some of the issues at stake in this show.

So-called contemporary art is a paradigm that originated in the twentieth century. It is a bit old now. Knowledge-intensive based art is gradually taking the lead, namely on our smartphones, our smart streets, and our smart cities.

We are now traveling through a cognitive revolution, namely made possible by digital fibers, LEDs, new carbon materials, rare earth elements, big and small drones, big and small robots, machine learning, cyborgs, and a formidable expansion of computational power fed by 3G, 4G, 5G… telecommunications, cloud computing, and sooner than later by quantum non-binary intelligent systems.

The purpose of The New Art Fest is to study, understand, and exhibit the impacts of this civilizational shift on the creativity and art realms around the world. Linear time is giving up to a rhizome of clocks.

GenY is, up to a certain point, the beacon of the dawn of a post-contemporary art world.

Welcome to Lisbon!
Antonio C Pinto









我们现在正在经历一场认知革命,即通过数字光纤,LED,新型碳材料,稀土元素,大小无人机,大小机器人,机器学习,机器人,以及强大的计算能力扩展而成为可能3G,4G,5G …电信,云计算以及量子非二进制智能系统早于后来。



Antonio C Pinto

The New Art Fest—where art meets technology is the meeting point for open minded creative environments, where pop culture, conceptual art strategies, and progressive knowledge come together taking for granted the World Wide Web, Internet of Things, Humans, Hybrids, Robots, and a variety of clever Post-human agents.

Artistic director: António Cerveira Pinto
Organised and produced by Ocupart

新艺术节-艺术与技术的交汇处是开放式创意环境的交汇点,流行文化,概念艺术策略和先进知识汇聚在一起,理所当然地考虑了互联网,物联网,人类,混合动力,机器人,以及各种聪明的后人类特工。 艺术总监:António Cerveira Pinto 由Ocupart组织和制作

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