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Photo courtesy: João B. Bacelar

Bit Street Hong Kong (curated by Isaac Leung)

:: artists, their work, and the way they have faced the pandemic::

Antonio C Pinto
Chen Pin Tao
Isaac Leung
Suze Chan
Zhiwan Cheung

August 11
14:00 (UTC); 22:00 (HKG); 15:00 (LIS); 10:00 (NYC)
Venue: Live @

From the curatorial statement
By Isaac Leung

Bit Street, a debut collaboration between Videotage and The New Art Fest, aims to explore how video works by millennial artists in Hong Kong, and China, redefine the notions of materiality and immateriality of space through the moving image. The curated works question how the production of fictional physical spaces rendered through digital technology can create alternative sensorial experiences.


Bit Street begins with the idea of commissioning four artists to create short video works for public screens in Lisbon. While these works will be showcased online in the midst of the pandemic, this project will explore how the artists’ imagined spaces will be perceived in a virtual setting and beyond.