Lu Yang 陆扬

Lu Yang. Uterus Man, cosplayed by the asexual Yuma Hamasaqi

Delusional Mandala

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The artist created a digital nonsexual human simulator in her own shape for the first time to complete an artwork. Because of the powerful curse in the content of the work, the artist has to apply the spell to herself to avoid harming others.
This artwork is all about neurosciences, in which the artist is always interested. She makes use of the principle of the stereotactic system, the deep brain stimulation and RTMS working on the deep limbic system, in order to extend delusions, substitute into religious perspective and fugacious meditation on the material world and produce objective delusions.
This work is the artist’s reflection on her creation in the past, at present and in the future. Is consciousness adhere to the brain? Where on earth is consciousness? The artist simulates the delusions of damaging herself and her works over and over again in her work. It can be sure that these delusions will eventually come true.
This artwork is the second piece of the artist’s new series of works. The first one is Moving God. The new series of works are still involved with categories such as religion and neuroscience, etc. They are different from the works in the past, using this method to meditate and practice, and constructing delicately through different ways this delusional mandala.

Lu Yang’s brilliant multimedia work explores sexuality and mortality through kitsch and Manga references

The Shanghai-born multimedia artist creates works that explore big, big topics, such as neuroscience, sexuality, mortality and religion; through playful lenses, often expressing her ideas with a little help from Japanese manga and anime references.

Although Lu’s production methods and media celebrate new technologies, spanning 3D-animated films, video game-like installations, holograms, neon, VR and even software manipulation; her execution delights in celebrating the “crude, the kitsch and the ugly aspects of online culture,” as Manchester’s Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CCCA), which is currently hosting a group show including Lu’s work, puts it.

—in Creative Boom. Written by Emily Gosling, 15.03.2019
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Lu Yang 陆扬
Uterus Man, full version , 2013

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