Kenny Wong 黃智銓

Kenny Wong. Human Body, 2009

Kenny Wong was born in 1987 in Hong Kong. Wong’s works explore the delicate relationship between daily experiences and perceptual stimulations by hybridising analogue and digital representations. Wong is interested in exploring visual patterns, motions, and sound textures, as well as presenting works in the form of computational kinetic sculptures. Wong actively works as a collaborating artist, multimedia designer, mechanical engineer/designer, and art researcher.

黃智銓 1987 年出生於香港。他關注跨界模擬信號與數位表現法,以日常經驗及感知刺激之間的微妙關係作 為創作元素。 黃智銓熱衷於探索視覺模式丶運動、聲音質感,以及電腦動力學裝置。黃氏以多媒體設計師、機械工程師 /設計師和藝術研究員的身份與其他媒體藝術家、聲音藝術家及戲劇演員等積極合作。

Human Body, 2009

][LIMINAL][, 2013

][LIMINAL][ by Kenny Wong | Marco de Mutiis

一群飛行器將空降香港,介入各種空間進行連串演練。今年十月,它們以視覺與聽覺及互動形式,於K11 art space讓人親身體驗飛行器在數位藝術的可能性。
The winners of this year’s Bloomberg Digital Arts Initiative present an innovative free exhibition that explores the endless possibilities of digital art, and interact with visitors at K11 art space.

][LIMINAL][ employs a swarm of hacked semi-autonomous flying drones equipped with loudspeakers to create a series of performance on the topic of relational anxiety of inhabiting spaces.

We keep on creating and occupying spaces in our unconscious daily movements. In a massively compressed urban area like Hong Kong, we continuously find ourselves reaching for the smallest available spots to advance through crowds. We try to achieve the highest mobility in a limited volume.

This creates a space that lies in a constant negotiation between temporary presence and absence, a tension embodied in in-between spaces. ][LIMINAL][ aims at enhancing this tension while simultaneously creating an awareness of these transient intermediate states. The project will employ flying drones that will perform in selected places, exploring the spaces and the way we occupy them.

The flying drones will concretize and sonify the instability and anxiety of these mutating spaces. The sound of this army of quadcopters, filling the air with a sense of uneasiness, will be matched by the soundscape generated through their loudspeakers. These sounds will be composed specially for each location, to enhance the existing soundscapes: air-cons, humming noises of an alley and mechanical textures in industrial areas.

] [LIMINAL] [采用一群黑客半自动飞行无人机配备扬声器,以创造一系列关于居住空间关系焦虑的表演。


这创造了一个空间,这个空间位于临时存在与缺席之间的持续协商中,这种空间体现在中间空间之间。 ] [LIMINAL] [旨在增强这种紧张感,同时创造对这些瞬态中间状态的认识。该项目将采用飞行无人机,将在选定的地方演出,探索空间和我们占据它们的方式。


The Breathing Canvas, 2017

The Breathing Canvas, 2017
Percussionist: Karen Yu
Composer: Zihua Tan
Media Artist: Kenny Wong
Sound Engineer: Will Bennett

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