Jiayu Liu 刘佳玉

Jiayu Liu. Happy Recipe, 2917

This art piece is a sound interactive installation. Different types of vegetables and fruits are placed according to the positions of musical instrument, sequencers and bands. Then through the control of the main board, 50 tracks are input into different items and signals from sensors that sense the locations that audiences touch are received, and then different sound effects are output. Through field sampling, the real shouts for sale of street vendors in Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenyang are sampled to form audio source, so that audiences’ action feedback can also be integrated into the creation process. Inclusiveness, popularity and ubiquity are my special feeling for vegetable market. Music is the same. Different sound effects are mixed in a certain time and space, which cover different sounds, implicit cultures and modern fashion. Every vegetable market is like a common and special concert where every person and item is the audience and leading character. Therefore, the author hopes to use new media art to create a new sense of vulgar life by weakening the clear sense of distance between technology and daily life.

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