The New Art Fest ’20

July—September, 2020

Welcome to Lisbon!

Welcome to the 4th edition of The New Art Fest — where art meets technology.

I’m the artistic director of this festival since 2016. And this is my bulletin board.

As I post ideas and proposals, these may or may not come to life. Sometimes my best thinking and desires will prove hard to materialize. The success of my dreams also depends on you!

2020 edition will focus on China’s post-contemporary art.

I have in mind to show artworks from about twenty Chinese artists born after 1980 in one big show, GenY. Most artists are from five crucial artistic environments in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

There is a cutting hedge here. It is new media art, in the sense that photography, cinema, and video are new media vis a vis traditional painting and sculpture. But there’s more. The core of GenY relates to complexity, cognitive issues, and technology. It also relates to interdisciplinary and collaborative projects on artificial words.

We are living in a knowledge revolution made possible by digital fibers, LEDs, new carbon materials, rare earth elements, robots, nano-robots, machine learning, cyborgs, and a formidable expansion of computational power, data dynamics, cloud computing and sooner than later by quantum machines.

The goal of The New Art Fest is to study, understand, and exhibit the impacts of this new era on creativity and art around the world as we leave the linear historical time, to a space-time era run by rizhomatic clocks.

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