I hate people but I love you / 我憎恨人但我爱你
Single channel video, color, sound / 单频彩色有声录像

Cyborg – Lolisa by naonao / 赛博格 – naonao的Lolisa
Cyborg – Windows by aaajiao & Liu Xiaoguang, the code bases on Raven Kwok / 赛博格 – aaajiao与刘晓光的Windows,编码开发自 Raven Kwok 

I Hate People but I Love You, is a large format single channel video installation. Set in Mac OS, the video features two cyborgs, one of which is an anticipated Asian female android, the other in disguise of a floating Möbius strip composed of pop-up windows. Both immerse themselves in a reiterated deadpan conversation: “…May I be your friend? Do I look real to you? I hope so…” “I hate people but I love you.” The classic sci-fi paradigm of dystopian sentiments regarding social interaction and loneliness is not only proven in today’s social media life, but also redefines the boundaries of interpersonal emotion between users and operations.

大画幅单频录像《我憎恨人但我爱你》以电脑桌面为画面背景,短片里两位赛博格(cyborg)——一位典型科幻影视造型的仿真机器人带有亚洲女子面貌,一个由无数重叠窗口构成的生物电脑不断变化着莫比乌斯带——进行着机械、呆板、反复的对话:“……我可以当你的朋友吗?你看我像真的吗?我希望是的……” “我憎恨人但我爱你……” 这套关于科技、社交和孤独的经典的科幻范式,不仅在今天社交媒体的生活中得以应证,也在用户和操作之间重新界定人际情感的疆域。