NFT remix

Is this pandemonium?

BASTARD GAN PUNKS project has started as a hobby NFT project of me (@berkozdemir). There were two main reasons for me to initiate this project:

  • to practice Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) with my own dataset, as part of my artistic research at Masters programme at ArtScience Interfaculty
  • even though Cryptopunks were way cheaper last year than now, I had no money to buy any, so I challenged myself to make “interesting enough” remixes of them. So I came up with the bastards concept. Bastard GAN Punks carry the genes of original Cryptopunk, but they carry many different traits from several punks, so they don’t know who their actual parents are. And you know, sometimes BASTARDS are much cooler than their parents. Look at Jon Snow for example lol
Bastard Gan Punk V2 #0
Hyped AF (animated)
God Bastard
Bastard Lyrics (31)

Bastard Gan Punks V2



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