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Sean-Tyler Thomas Walton (born December 18, 1996), professionally known as Osean (formerly Osea.n), is an American visual artist, musician and the creator of OseanWorld.

As a child, Walton learned to draw by watching his father and cousins.

“They did mostly portraits, but my cousin used to do little characters,” he says. “They put it down because they never found it a lucrative thing, but I was like ‘I need this to be a lifestyle.’”

Walton was an addict from the jump. When his mom took him to the beach, he’d draw in the sand. He filled stacks of composition notebooks with dream doodles and started giving his characters personal histories.

“When I was in middle school, my friend gave me a weird book,” Walton laughs. “I’d never seen an art book or a comic book, because I never went to the library. I would just go to school and go home and draw all day. I was like ‘oh, so you can make this a career.’ Then I found out about the Internet, and that destroyed everything.”

Self-taught in almost every aspect, Watson dove head-first into the world of online tutorials and art forums. The world wide web was his classroom to the fine art perspective. He studied anatomy and color theory, and when it was time for college, he enrolled in an art degree. He wanted to be a “concept artist,” one of those creatives who draws video game and CGI characters before they’re finally rendered in 3D animation—but that opened a whole new frontier of possibilities.

“The concept artists now, these people are so scary,” he says. “They’ll draw literally 100 images and people will deny all of them, but they’re completely detailed, beautiful rendered. They look like real paintings … and I was just like ‘wait, 3D? There’s a program for that? I guess I have to learn how to do this.’”

— This is an extract from Drips: How Atlanta-Based Digital Artist OseanWorld Creates His Own Effervescent Universe. By Kat Bein | July 2, 2021 | Oceandrive

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