Cheuk Wing Nam 卓穎嵐

Sharing experience with electronic parts


Any sound, any noise can be music. It all depends on the ear of the listener. If the listener is also a musician, or a sound designer, or an artist that plays with noise and sounds, then the universe of sounds can evolve like any organic entity. It will then grow from a collective memory of noises and sounds, infinite libraries, and above all from the artist praxis, which is not only a musical construct of silence, noise (white noise too), sound, tempo, but an ideological statement about the value of music in society. It will be an individual statement on things, energy, life, love, about joy and sadness, about friendly and hostile environments, about nature, about the unknown. If all this happens with tongue-in-cheek, as it does in Cheuk Wing Nam artworks, playing with presence, memories and digital time, then it’s not only contemporary art but post-contemporary too.

Antonio C-Pinto

Cheuk Wing Nam 卓穎嵐: This is a documentation when I was playing my “wingtronics” in the event, One Ear to Hear – ON(H)(E)AR), in Tai Kwun, Hong Kong on 24Oct 2019. Thanks Dayang Yraola for the invitation.

Updated on 2nd Apr, 2017

In my artwork, I always attempts to display the similarities and/or contradictions between concepts and cultures. Deconstruction and assemblage are my practices of making artwork. The target maybe a material, a concept, a system or a phenomenon.

My artworks always carry a tone of humor where rejection and contest become imperative elements. “To interact or not to interact” is always one of the ironical element in my artwork.

I believe that sound could be a metaphor of some natural phenomenon as well as some city status. My work is about expressing my passion about soundscape relationship between human and nature.

Cheuk Wing Nam






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