Foreword to Gen Y

A private storage area at Arcis Fine Art + Collection, New York. Courtesy Arcis for Artnews (The Dubai Effect)

I wonder how many artworks have a chance to keep direct contact with their voyeurs for long, as thousands of art pieces live inside boxes, either in the cellars of museums or in garage stores of collectors and traders.

It would be implausible to physically show the number of authors and artworks needed to give a proper panorama of post-contemporary Chinese art done since the beginning of this century by the Millennials.

Meanwhile, an invisible virus shut down the world.

Globalisation seems to be imploding, with harsh consequences for all, and in particular for the art world.

Chinese authorities sadly began censoring artists on an unprecedented scale. It’s a terrible decision that will affect the entire community of creative people from China.

I hope these unwanted winds will calm down after November, and tolerance revives as the beautiful flower it is.

In the meantime, welcome to Gen Y, and to The New Art Fest, a forceful meta-exhibition.

Antonio C Pinto

curator’s blog

The New Art Fest ’20


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