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We are already living in a post-contemporary era — Antonio C Pinto.

António Cerveira Pinto
The New Art Fest
(artistic director)

Gen Y

Hey dear friends,

as we all know, life has changed dramatically since December. The New Art Fest that should take place this year In Real Life, in Lisbon, has practically vanished into the world epidemic. Most of my investigation about the new Chinese younger generation of new media art was almost done by the midsummer of 2019. Would it be possible to have a 99% virtual exhibition? That’s the new challenge and my best wishes to Gen Y, previously known as “Made in China—Generation Y”

we have decided to update our technological platform in order to make it possible to put most of Gen Y and Pandemia online

this includes showing artworks and documentation, as well as to have online conferences and art talks

in the meantime, we are struggling hard to have at least one artist in residence and two individual shows by the end of this year and/or 2021

our budget had a severe cut of more than 90% 😦

this year’s festival will be a real low-cost challenge.

only the will and perseverance of us all will make it possible

thank you

Lisbon, May 24th, 2020
Antonio C Pinto
The New Art Fest

Made in China – Generation Y

The following will map my vision of some of the most important forerunners of the post-contemporary Chinese art, as well as other hints on 2020’s edition of The New Art Fest.

To know my dream list for Generation Y, please follow this page.

IMPORTANT NOTICE—due to the coronavirus pandemic, The New Art Fest 2020, mostly dedicated to Chinese art by authors born after 1990, is in doubt at the time of this writing.
I wish Chinese people all the best in these difficult times. I hope to show there artwork in Lisbon (IRL) soon.

Lisbon, November 10th, 2019
Antonio C Pinto
The New Art Fest artistic director


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